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TAB Boston West

Our Mission:

We help independent business owners who feel stressed out and alone in their decision-making to grow and change as leaders in ways that dramatically improve their businesses and their lives.

TAB Founder and Chairman, Allen Fishman, launched TAB close to 30 years ago. He found that his board of directors was invaluable to him throughout his career. But what about the smaller business owner? Where do they go for advice? These questions led Fishman to launch TAB’s first business advisory board in 1990.


“As a small-business owner, my personal life is inextricably intertwined with my business life. Every major decision I make has a potential impact on all aspects of my life, not just my business life. Both my personal and business lives are responsible for creating the dynamics that have given me the ability to be successful and happy in my role of entrepreneur.”

We bet you feel the same way and we are here to help you grow as a leader so that you can achieve your personal and company vision and leave your mark in the world in a way that leads to a happy and fulfilled life.

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Our Team

Our Team

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Jason Aroesty, Owner and President

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Flavia Guerreiro, Group Facilitator, 
Leadership Coach
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Connie Mardis, Coach, Trainer, Writer

Elevating others has been a lifelong mission for me -- starting in my days in the corporate world. I am so thankful that I can call it my job now. As a business coach and partner to my clients, I get the privilege to help them overcome challenges, create opportunities and see them thrive. As Owner and President of TAB Boston West, I feel privileged to help my clients transform their businesses and their lives by bringing the proven and time-tested technology, tools, processes and IP of 35+ year old The Alternative Board to Boston's Metro West markets, delivered by a team of passionate and world-class facilitators and coaches to fulfill one common mission - help business owners and leaders achieve greater success in business and in life.

This chapter in my life is a culmination of 25 years working for organizations ranging from family businesses and start-ups to large publicly traded multi-national companies. During this time, I have led teams all over the world to thrive in difficult and changing times. I have expertise in Strategic Roadmaps, Strategy & Execution Methodologies, Business set-up, Business Development, M&A, Turnarounds, Process Re-engineering and Building Company Value. I believe that this unique combination of business experience puts me in a position to provide much-needed structure and planning for business owners without smothering the entrepreneurial spirit which has fueled their success.


I live in Brookline, MA with my wife, two teenage children, and mini-bernedoodle. I love running, skiing, cycling, traveling, reading and sharing great food and wine with friends.

Throughout my career, I have had experience in investment banking, consumer behavior marketing, and performance coaching.  My passion is in helping business owners succeed in business and in life.


I started my career in finance at one of Brazil's leading investment banks in the early 90s - a golden era for Brazil. Banco Icatu taught me a lot about chasing goals and making the most of opportunities.  It taught me hard work and the power of a group of motivated and inspired individuals aligned with a strong company culture.  Needless to say, it taught me a lot about numbers and how to build company value too!  


Despite all that, somewhere along the way, I felt the need to be on the other side, working at a company, creating something, not just researching and evaluating.  For a while, it meant working in consumer marketing.  That was fun!  I learned a lot from L'Oreal, one of the leading consumer brands in the world.  But one thing was still missing...


In coaching, I found the missing piece.  I really love and am deeply motivated by helping people.  Specifically, helping business owners reach their potential.  I understand it's a journey like mine was and still is, and TAB is a place where I feel like I can keep growing while helping others grow - my main motivator and drive.


I hope you join us on our journey if it makes sense to you and your business.  Looking forward to meeting you! 

Is there anything better than helping someone reach their goals? I’m passionate about helping individuals and companies promote their unique value to customers, prospects and the public.

It’s my honor and privilege to team with TAB Boston West to support business owners and their teams through sales, marketing, and manager training. 

I also enjoy writing for trade and peer-reviewed publications to recognize customer outcomes and discuss products and services in earned media. Writing with Marvel Custom and Disney Publishing on award-winning projects, I learned storytelling techniques that can help leaders inspire their teams, customers and investors.  

For 35 years I held clinical, management, marketing, communications and education positions in healthcare and the medical device industry. Along the way, I discovered that understanding how adults learn can improve business results. From increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover to uncovering new markets and selling on a shoestring budget, I love helping companies experience how skills development can benefit their bottom line.

These days I have fun coaching and leading interactive, creative workshops on a wide range of topics including Outreach Marketing, Product Launch and Achieving Premium Pricing, Discretionary Energy, Ideation, Sales Skills, Presentation Skills, and Storytelling for Leaders, Marketers and Sales Professionals.

On the home front, I love to write, read, bake, travel and laugh with friends and family.

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