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Why TAB?

The Power of the Alternative Board

What our members say:

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Jack Rabbit Learning Experience

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Porcelain Patch & Glaze

"Sometimes running a business can be lonely. Sometimes it can be scary sometimes it can be both.

Getting on to a TAB board is a way to connect with other people and really address those things. I joined TAB because I don't have a background in business and I figured I needed a coach and I needed to connect with other leaders. When I work with Jason and TAB, I am able to make better decisions faster. We get together, I present my challenges, we work through them together. And when I'm done, I'm leaving with a very specific action plan so I have really clear next steps. Joining tab is a terrific way to accelerate your growth. And improve your tools as a leader."


- Jason Gorman, Jackrabbit Learning Experience CEO.

"I think the greatest value in TAB is the overall knowledge of the board.  And the great thing that I like about Jason is when I'm dealing with a lot of issues with Porcelain Patch, he really helps me pinpoint that key decision that I need to make to help move that issue forward. For business owners looking to join TAB I'd highly recommend that they sit in on a board. What it does is it allows you to not be alone in those decision making processes."

- Dennis Torpey, Porcelain Patch and Glaze CEO

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